Seismic acquisition design, acquisition, processing, integrated field studies and Technical consultancy.


Interactively providing a full spectrum of reservoir geophysical studies
to assist companies in maximizing their assets.

VerityGeo is the only indigenous company in Nigeria that provides a full spectrum of geophysical services from pre-acquisition design and modeling, seismic data acquisition, processing, qualitative to quantitative seismic interpretation.

The advantage we bring onboard is that our Geologists are fully integrated within a team of Geophysicists giving them peculiar insights into the acquisition, processing and eventual interpretation of seismic and well log data.


SEISMIC Acquisition

3D, 2D, 2D HR, Marine and Land Seismic Acquisition.

Seismic Data Processing

Seismic Data Processing

3D, 2D, HR and GeoHazard Seismic Data Processing.

Integrated Reservoir Studies

Reservoir Studies

Seismic Interpretation. Quantitative Interpretation. Reservoir Modelling.



Specially Designed Applications. Reservoir Characterization. Risk Assessment Solutions.

Technical Assurance and Consulting

Technical Assurance and Consulting

Technical Assurance. Core Technical Consultancy.

Software Development & Sales

Software Development & Sales

Industry Software Work Tools Development



VerityGeo has forayed into the use of artificial intelligence
(AI) tools in predicting logs which may not be available for studies.

  • Seismic acqusition process, A View of offshore acquisition.

    Seismic acqusition process, A View of offshore acquisition.

  • Data acqusition process, A View of a geophone group.

    Data acqusition process, A View of a geophone group.

  • Acquisition of Seismic, A Offshore View.

    Acquisition of Seismic, A Offshore View.

  • A View of verity geosolutions server services

    A View of verity geosolutions server services


We have a team of Geologists and Geophysicists with a broad spectrum of skills that can provide insights on challenging areas in the unraveling of your reservoir potentials.

Senior technical advisors ensure a proper quality control of all products to guaranty that our work is based on sound technical decisions and limit the uncertainties associated with human errors. We also have robust workflows designed to global standards. Our hope is that this guides the way we conduct our studies and ensure proper quality assessment of outputs.

In the last few years, we have provided insightful reservoir solutions to both National oil companies and international oil companies in Nigeria. We use cutting-edge industry software and internally developed software.


The Values Behind Every Verity Geosolutions Delivery.

Our goal is to provide working knowledge in technical exploration and production fields to professionals in the oil and gas industry.
In order to achieve these goals, we make the following service promise to intending trainees:

  1. Provision of cutting edge and industry-focused curriculum in all training expertise areas.
  2. We shall make available at all our trainings, highly skilled and professional trainers with deep knowledge of the skilled area.
  3. Make Available a very conducive training facility to make learning engaging and fun.
  4. Hands-on learning experience during our training programs.
  5. Specialized training programs that could be designed to fit the training needs of the participating companies.